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Fishnet Suit v3 Style

Nicolas Guerra
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new update, adaptation to two new bases (ZinPia-Fit) (Tori_western_base_lite_1.0)

Hello everyone,

Today I bring you a pack of textures for the mesh suit, I made it at the request of a follower, it is modeled based on the model of (Pandaabear),

when you buy it you will find different textures that you may like, "also the mesh in .FBX format"

If the suit is not compatible with the base of your model, you can contact me by discord and I will adapt the suit to the base that you like the most, of course it will only be once, :3

Thank you for your attention,

"Please rate it when buying"


It includes:

  • FBX rigged
  • Textures
  • 7 texture packs


Does not include:

  • Base

It is adapted to the Panda base model

  1. you can acquire the base from the following button


  • TORI BASE Lite (free version)
  • ZinPia-Fit
Zin Fit Base

Terms of use:

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  1. Please credit this item in the description.
  2. You are not allowed to resell this asset on your own
  3. You may not share this asset for free,
  4. You can use for your own private avatars.
  5. You can use your own avatars to sell
  6. You can make free and public avatars if you want
  7. You always have to give me credit.
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for those who like fishnet suits xD


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Fishnet Suit v3 Style

31 ratings
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